Steel Agricultural Barns for Sale

Red and white steel agricultural building with frame outs
Red and gray continuous roof steel agricultural building

Are you tired of dealing with constant maintenance and repairs on your traditional wooden barn? At Northedge Steel, we understand your frustration, so we have steel agricultural barns for sale in the Midwest and Southeast

Our durable steel barns are designed to withstand America’s diverse climate. In addition, our 3D Builder tool lets you experiment with custom designs in our idea room

At Northedge Steel, we offer the ultimate long-term investment for farmers looking to protect their valuable assets without breaking the bank. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your farm with a low-maintenance and affordable steel barn.

Horizontal Roof Style: Cost-Effective Protection

A horizontal roof style is an affordable option for farmers who want a reliable and sturdy structure without compromising on quality. This roof style features horizontal panels, providing excellent protection against rain and snow.

The horizontal roof style is popular among farms looking to protect their equipment and livestock without stretching their budget. With a cost-effective design and easy installation process, our steel agricultural barns for sale in the Midwest and Southeast are the perfect solution for your farm.

Vertical Roof Style: Superior Strength and Durability

For those seeking the ultimate in strength and durability, the vertical roof style is your go-to option. Designed with vertical panels and additional reinforcements, this roof style can handle even the harshest American weather conditions.

Its unique design allows for efficient water and snow runoff, preventing buildup that could lead to costly damage. Invest in a vertical roof-style steel barn to ensure maximum protection and longevity for your farm.

Regular Roof Style: Classic and Functional

The regular roof style offers a classic look with efficient functionality. Featuring rounded corners and horizontal panels, this roof style provides ample protection for your agricultural assets while maintaining a traditional barn aesthetic.

A perfect blend of form and function, the regular roof style is an excellent choice for American farmers who value both appearance and performance. So if you want to keep a traditional look to your farm, a regular roof style steel barn may be the option for you.


Our buildings are constructed from either 12 or 14 gauge steel frames. The 14 gauge frame, 2 ½`` x 2 ½`` in diameter, is the most common frame thickness for metal buildings. The 12 gauge frame, 2 ¼ `` x 2 ¼`` in diameter, has a higher tensile strength and is recommended for areas with high winds or heavy snow, as well as carports taller than 10’.
Carport Frame with 12 and 14 Gauge steel

Why Choose Northedge Steel for Your Steel Agricultural Barn?

Northedge Steel constructs farm buildings and agricultural barns from strong, durable steel designed to last for many years. Our steel agricultural barns for sale can replace your old wooden barn at a small portion of the cost.

In addition, steel barns require less maintenance than wood barns, and offer more customizable features for your various farming needs. Furthermore, the prefabricated materials are perfect for quick and easy construction, which reduces labor and construction costs. So whether you need a clean, dry place to store your hay or crops, a secure environment for your livestock, or space to keep your farm equipment, our steel agricultural barns are the perfect solution.

Metal Panels

Rest easy knowing your building's roof, sides, ends and gables are constructed from strong, durable, 29 gauge metal panels. These are virtually maintenance free, fire resistant and built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Through our partnership with Sherwin Williams® Coil Coating we offer high-quality coating applications in 15 different color options. All backed by a 20 year paint warranty.
Side and Roof Panel photo with color choices


Mobile home anchors are 30 inches long and cork screwed into the dirt or gravel. They are installed on the inside of the building railing unless the customer specifies otherwise. These anchors have to be cut and re-purchased if the building is ever moved.
Asphalt anchors are 30 inches long and are driven into the asphalt. They are specifically made for the asphalt and installed the same way as the mobile home anchors.
Concrete anchors are specific for use in concrete. We use 6 inch long, 1/2in diameter red-head anchors. We suggest that the concrete is at least 3 inches wider and longer than the building to prevent cracking or busting the concrete. For example on a 30x20 building we would suggest the concrete be 30ft 3in wide and 20ft 3in long. Northedge Steel assumes no liability for damage done to concrete during normal anchoring application.
Rebar anchors are 3ft long straight rods for dirt or gravel. They are installed through the base rail into the ground. They are not attached like a mobile home anchor. These are temporary anchors with no wind warranty.
Metal Building Anchor Types
Metal building walk in door styles

Walk In Doors

Our walk-in doors are designed specifically for metal building applications. Made in the USA, our diamond window and solid doors are made with UV coated, pebble textured FRP and securely bonded to thick energy efficient polyurethane foam insulation and pre-hung on our welded aluminum frame.
Our 9-lite premium steel walk-in door is a classic addition to any entryway. Made with steel and single glass this easy maintenance and rust resistant door offers architectural interest for an increased curb appeal.
Standard diamond door: 32”x72”, 36”x80”
9-lite door: 34”x76”

Upgrade Your Barn Today!

Are you ready to say goodbye to the endless maintenance and costly repairs of your old wooden barn? Discover the benefits of our steel agricultural barns for sale in the Midwest and Southeast, and give your farm the upgrade it deserves.

Join the growing number of satisfied farmers who have made the switch to steel barns and are reaping the rewards. In addition to outstanding customer service, we offer flexible financing options so you can get exactly what you need without breaking the bank. Contact us today to invest in a steel agricultural barn and ensure the long-term protection of your farm.

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