Buying Guide

Are you buying a custom metal building? Sometimes the amount of decisions can be overwhelming. Here are a few points to consider before placing an order.

Do you want to store vehicles, equipment, or both?

Are you looking to store your cars, trucks or SUVs, recreational vehicles or lawn and garden equipment? No matter what you’d like to protect, selecting the proper building comes down to your needs.Our buildings are all fully customizable, so we can build to satisfy any and all of your needs.

How much space will you need?

A standard two car garage is usually between 24 to 30 feet wide, and between 20 to 36 feet long. To decide how much space you will need, take into consideration your vehicle’s make and model, height, and any other storage needs you may have. Go to the intended installation area and use a tape measure to measure out and mark off the dimensions.

Where will you install your building?

It is extremely important to have a level surface large enough to accommodate the size and shape of your building. The installation team will also need a clear path for trucks and equipment into and around the installation site.

Can your building handle the weather?

Climates that have heavy snow, high winds and heavy rains may require the building to be anchored to a concrete pad, a higher gauge steel frame, and vertical roofing and/or siding panels. In certain areas, local regulations may require a building to be certified. Our expert customer service representatives can assist you with what you need to do before installation.

Can you install a building on your property?

Many local municipalities require a building permit before a building can be installed on your property. Check with your local government office to determine if a permit is needed and be sure to obtain one before your installation date.

Should you add insulation to your building?

Obviously an insulated garage will be better protection for your possessions from extreme heat and cold. Insulation will help to prevent condensation or “sweating” inside the your enclosed metal building. 

How will you pay for your building?

We are proud to offer financing and rent-to-own options to fit almost any budget. We also accept cash, credit cards, money orders and cashiers checks. Personal and business checks are subject for approval.

Do we offer any warranties?

Yes! There are specific warranties for each set of building materials and design options you choose. They include, but are not limited to, paint, rust, wind, door and window, and workmanship warranties. Contact our expert customer service representatives to see which apply to your intended building.

What are the delivery and installation times like?

Every order is unique and can be affected by many factors including the season, location, and logistics. Under typical circumstances, once an order is placed, our delivery time is between 4 and 6 weeks. Your sales representative will give you a delivery estimate at the time your order is placed, and immediately update you of any changes.

Commercial Building Truss Rendering

Need to store large equipment inside? Our engineered trusses reach clear spans of up to 60 feet and lengths of up to 200 feet. All commercial buildings can be fully enclosed for security and fitted with roll-up doors for ease of access.


Need a shelter for horses, chickens and other livestock? Or maybe you need a facility to store expensive farm vehicles, tractors and other equipment? We have you covered.


Owning a recreational vehicle requires a huge investment and it’s one worth protecting. Our metal RV carports provide the best protection to keep your “get-away” vehicle in tip-top shape.


Our garages offer outstanding value when compared to traditional means of construction. Northedge Steel can build a durable and handsome garage at a fraction of the price of a stick built building. Our steel is either galvanized or rust-proof coated, and will stand up to decades of weather without corroding.


Steel carports are the best option you have if you are looking for a structure to protect against the cold, rain, sun, and wind – even tornadoes and hurricanes. Steel carports are as good if not better than a traditional stick frame or concrete building for commercial, industrial, or residential use.


Our line of metal utility buildings are quickly making wooden sheds a thing of the past. Galvanized steel requires no maintenance, and installation is free – so there are no carpenters to hire. All sheds come with our 3/4″ treated wooden floor and sit on galvanized steel joists.

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