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Custom Metal Buildings for Sale in Indiana IN

Whether you need a sturdy commercial warehouse on the shores of Lake Michigan, or an agricultural barn in the farmlands of Central Indiana, Northedge Steel has got you covered. We are a top-quality local carport, metal garage and steel building manufacturer serving the Midwest and Southeast United States, including Indiana. Our new showroom and manufacturing facility in Yorktown, IN is the largest in the state. Come see our experienced sales experts and let them take you on tour of building models, guide you through the entire buying process, and get you the best price for a custom metal building. If you need a carport in Muncie,IN a garage in Fort Wayne, IN a shed in Evansville, IN or a custom metal building in Indianapolis, IN we’re the ones to see in the state of Indiana.

Custom Steel Buildings in Indiana

Our custom steel buildings IN and prefab metal buildings Indiana are attractive, versatile, and affordable. We custom make each metal building to your exact specifications so that your building will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our Process assures you an exceptional customer experience from order to installation. Steel building buyers in Indiana can also take advantage of our flexible financing and rent-to-own payment options. Northedge Steel Indiana manufactures, sells, and installs everything from carports to garages to RV covers to sheds to barns to warehouses to agricultural buildings to large commercial truss buildings.

Popular Types of Metal Buildings Indiana 

What type of Northedge Steel Indiana metal building do you need?  Here are some of our most popular types of metal buildings in Indiana:

Residential Metal Garages Fully enclosed metal garages provide safe, secure protection for your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, ATV, or other vehicles. Every steel garage IN we sell is fully customizable to suit your individual vehicle and storage needs.

Commercial Metal Buildings Do you need a place to store commercial or industrial equipment? Need a large facility to use as a service center, manufacturing facility, or warehouse? We specialize in multi-purpose commercial steel buildings. Contact us for a quote today.

Metal RV Carports An RV metal carport is a tall steel structure designed to protect your recreational vehicle, motorhome, camper, or trailer. Our RV metal carports IN can also be designed to shelter large commercial vehicles and farm or agricultural equipment.

Metal Sheds and Metal Workshops You may need a place to store things, work on stuff. Either way, our metal sheds and metal workshops have you covered. Custom metal buildings IN are a great space for auto service, woodworking, hobby shops, even man caves and she sheds!

Agricultural Barns Fully or semi-enclosed steel ag buildings IN specially designed to meet the needs of a busy farm. Whether you need a space to store crops and equipment, or a secure space for livestock, our barns are the perfect solution.

Building Styles

Commercial Building Truss Rendering

Need to store large equipment inside? Our engineered trusses reach clear spans of up to 60 feet and lengths of up to 200 feet. All commercial buildings can be fully enclosed for security and fitted with roll-up doors for ease of access.


Northedge Steel constructs farm buildings and agricultural barns from strong, durable steel designed to last for many years. Our steel agricultural barns for sale can replace your old wooden barn at a small portion of the cost. The prefabricated materials are perfect for quick and easy construction, which reduces labor and construction costs.


At Northedge Steel, we understand that every RV owner has unique needs and preferences. That’s why our steel RV carports are customized to cater to your protection requirements. Our experts will help customize the RV carport to your specific needs, whether it’s a lean to RV carport, a RV carport with storage, or an RV garage.


Whether you need a garage for storing your vehicles, creating a workshop, or adding extra storage space, our steel garages are designed to meet your needs. With various sizes and configurations available, you can choose the perfect garage that fits seamlessly into your property. We offer various customization options for our steel garages. Contact us today to explore our range of metal garages for sale.


Carports are an excellent investment for anyone looking to safeguard their vehicles from the unpredictable elements. At Northedge Steel, we offer a wide range of steel carports for sale that provide strong and reliable protection. Our carports are designed with durability in mind, ensuring that your vehicles remain safe and secure. Every carport can be specifically designed and customized to your exact needs, with open, half, or fully enclosed carports.


Our steel sheds are built to last, using high-quality materials that are resistant to rust, corrosion, and hassle-free. Skip the hassle and save time by avoiding metal shed kits or hiring carpenters. The galvanized steel requires no maintenance, and installation is free – so there are no carpenters to hire. All metal sheds come with our 3/4″ treated wooden floor, which sits on galvanized steel joists and does not make contact with the ground.

Why buy a metal building Indiana?

Our custom steel structures are superior to buildings made from other materials for many reasons:

Versatile and Affordable – Metal buildings IN can be custom made to fit your exact needs and specifications. Steel buildings are generally cheaper to build per square foot than wooden or concrete structures. 

Strong and Durable – Simply put, steel is the strongest building material available for multipurpose custom buildings. The metal paneling is made from galvanized steel and specially coated to prevent rust, lengthen the building’s life. Steel won’t rot like wood and can better withstand damaging wind, rain, and snow.

Quick Installation – Metal buildings IN require less time and labor to install than other options available. Most residential installations can be completed in one day, or less.

Lower Maintenance – Metal structures need less maintenance and are easier to clean than a wooden building. Color is infused into the panels during fabrication so you won’t have peeling or fading paint to worry about.

Environmentally Friendly – Steel frames are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using them instead of lumber or other types of wood. This also helps to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your impact on the environment.

Fireproof and Pest Resistant – Steel isn’t flammable, and it won’t warp or rot like wood. Steel also doesn’t breed mold and mildew or give a home to termites and other types of pests.

Indiana Metal Building Roof Styles

Our custom metal buildings come in three standard roof styles – regular roof, A-frame roof, and vertical roof:

Horizontal Metal Roof

Horizontal Roof Style

Symmetrical, Simple, and Modern! On a horizontal A-frame metal building, the steel panels run horizontally, with finished edges providing an L-shape trim on the ends and box eave trims on the sides. The horizontal layout of the roof means that less structure is needed beneath it, lowering the overall cost.

Our A-Frame roof style is a favorite and recommended for steel buildings and carports no longer than 36 feet long.

Vertical Metal Roof

Vertical Roof Style

Although we can’t deny our vertical steel structures look great, it is more than a matter of style. On a vertical roof, the steel panels run from the peak downward, making it easier to displace water and heavy snow.

Our vertical structures include a ridge cap sealed with black foam at the peak, vertical above-eave trim around the entire edge, and a hat channel that runs along the roof, making it the strongest roof style available. We recommend an A-Frame Vertical roof for all steel buildings and carports greater than 36 feet in length.

Regular Metal Roof

Regular Roof Style

The old-fashioned way everyone finds charming! On a regular style building, the pre-manufactured bow is bent along the edge, creating a traditional rounded shape structure. The steel panels run horizontally, with finished edges providing an L-shape trim on the ends.

This metal building style is the most economical design available and is recommended for steel buildings and carports no longer than 36 feet long.

Design Options for Metal Buildings Indiana

The best design for your metal building depends on a few factors:  your location, the size of your installation site, your budget, and how you plan to use your building. If you’re unsure about your needs, you can consult our Buying Guide or Contact Us for help getting started. Or you can experiment with different dimensions and building styles by clicking over to our 3D Builder 

Color Choices for Metal Buildings Indiana

Customization doesn’t stop with roll up doors, gabled ends, and lean-tos. We are proud partners of Sherwin-Williams, the leading manufacturer of coil coating in the world. Our high-quality metal panels come in 15 colors, all backed by a 20-year paint warranty. This assures that the color of your roof, walls, and trim will not only match your individual style, but last for years to come. 

Metal Building Prices Indiana

Metal building prices are determined by the dimensions (length, width, and height), frame thickness (gauge), installation surface, and roof style you choose. Steel building buyers in IN can also take advantage of our flexible financing and rent-to-own payment options. At Northedge Steel Indiana we strive to make it easy and affordable for you to purchase the best metal building in Indiana for your needs. If you’re not sure which option works best for you, contact one of our expert metal building specialists today.

Can you build a metal building in Indiana?

Always check the building and certification requirements in your local municipality or county. Also check any and all local regulations to see if there are any building size limits, roof style regulations, or special permits needed before the scheduled installation of your building. Click here for more information about our process or view our frequently asked questions to get some answers. If you need assistance, feel free contact one of our expert metal building specialists; they are familiar with most local building permits and requirements and can guide you through the whole process, so you can get your building installed quickly without any surprises.

Free delivery and installation in Indiana are included with any custom metal building purchase. Give us a call at 765-591-8080, and let’s get started!

Why Choose Northedge Steel for your IN Metal Building?

At Northedge Steel we understand the importance of not only building strong steel structures, but strong relationships at every level of our business. That’s why we strive to provide the best products, services, and support to every one of our customers. Our goal is to make your shopping experience simple, efficient, and convenient, to ensure you get the exact building you need as quickly as possible. Let us show you why Northedge Steel is the best choice for steel buildings in Indiana.

Metal Buildings for Sale in Indiana, IN

If you’re looking for a metal building for sale in Indiana, IN, Northedge Steel is the best choice! With our new showroom and manufacturing facility in Yorktown, IN and our vast dealer network, why would you buy a custom steel building anywhere else? Let us be your one stop shop for the best steel building in the great state of Indiana!

We currently service the entire state of Indiana, but here’s a short list of the cities where we’ve recently installed:

    • Akron IN
    • Alexandria IN
    • Anderson IN
    • Andrews IN
    • Angola IN
    • Attica IN
    • Auburn IN
    • Avilla IN
    • Avon IN
    • Batesville IN
    • Bedford IN
    • Bloomfield IN
    • Bloomington IN
    •  Bluffton IN
    •  Boonville IN
    •  Bourbon IN
    •  Brazil IN
    •  Brownsburg IN
    •  Brownstown IN
    •  Butler IN
    •  Cambridge City IN
    •  Carmel IN
    •  Charlestown IN
    •  Chesterton IN
    •  Cloverdale IN
    •  Columbia City IN
    •  Columbus IN
    •  Connersville IN
    •  Corydon IN
    •  Crawfordsville IN
    •  Danville IN
    • Decatur IN
    • Delphi IN

    • Elkhart IN
    • Elwood IN
    • Fishers IN
    • Fort Wayne IN
    • Frankfort IN
    • Franklin IN
    •  Garrett IN
    • Gary IN
    • Gas City IN
    •  Geneva IN
    • Goshen IN
    • Granger IN
    •  Greencastle IN
    • Greenfield IN
    • Greensburg IN
    • Greenwood IN
    • Hartford City IN
    • Henryville IN
    • Huntingburg IN
    • Huntington IN
    •  Indianapolis IN
    • Jasper IN
    • Kendallville IN
    • Knox IN
    • Kokomo IN
    • La Porte IN
    • Lafayette IN
    • Lagrange IN
    • Lawrence IN
    • Lebanon IN
    • Liberty IN
    •  Linton IN

    • Logansport IN
    • Loogootee IN
    •  Lynn IN
    • Madison IN
    • Marion IN
    • Markle IN
    • Martinsville IN
    • Merrillville IN
    • Michigan City IN
    • Mishawaka IN
    • Monticello IN
    • Montpelier IN
    • Mooresville IN
    • Mount Vernon IN
    • Nappanee IN
    •  New Albany IN
    • New Castle IN
    • New Haven IN
    • Noblesville IN
    • North Manchester IN
    • North Vernon IN
    • Oakland City IN
    • Peru IN
    • Plainfield IN
    • Plymouth IN
    • Portage IN
    • Portland IN
    • Poseyville IN
    • Princeton IN
    • Rensselaer IN
    • Richmond IN
    • Roanoke IN

    • Rochester IN
    • Rockville IN
    • Rossville IN
    • Rushville IN
    • Salem IN
    • Scottsburg IN
    • Sellersburg IN
    • Seymour IN
    • Shadeland IN
    •  Shelburn IN
    • Shelbyville IN
    • South Bend IN
    • South Whitley IN
    • Spencer IN
    • Tell City IN
    • Terre Haute IN
    • Thorntown IN
    • Tipton IN
    • Valparaiso IN
    • Veedersburg IN
    • Versailles IN
    • Vincennes IN
    • Wabash IN
    • Walkerton IN
    • Warsaw IN
    • Washington IN
    • Waterloo IN
    • West Lafayette IN
    • Westville IN
    • Winamac IN
    • Worthington IN
    • Yorktown IN

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