Best ways to control moisture in metal buildings

Steel garage with attached open lean-to

Many homeowners find adding a garage, shed, or storage building to their property an excellent investment. Because of its versatility, durability, and affordability, metal has quickly become the building material of choice. However, moisture levels can be a problem for metal building owners in certain settings and climates. Let’s explore some reasons for moisture buildup and the top ways to control it.

What’s the cause?

If you see moisture accumulations inside your metal building, the cause isn’t always a leak. In most cases, moisture inside the building is a result of condensation.
When the air inside the building is warm and humid, moisture is released when the air cools, resulting in condensation.
While it is impossible to control your local weather, there are several steps you can take to limit condensation inside your building.


In a building without insulation, dramatic changes in temperature from day to night are likely to result in significant amounts of condensation on the walls and roof. Properly insulating your building will limit temperature variations, reducing condensation buildup.
Insulation applied to your building’s walls, roof, and base rail creates a seal between the inside and outside to moderate the interior temperature. Using high-quality insulation designed for metal buildings and carefully installing it to eliminate gaps is the most important thing you can do to limit condensation.


You should carefully consider the proper foundation surface, and how the ground will be prepared for installation. A concrete pad is great foundation for any metal building. Taking additional steps, like adding a layer of gravel underneath your concrete pad, can provide a vapor barrier from ground moisture.

Choosing the proper spot on your property is an important part of limiting moisture as well. Choose a level, open area avoiding any spots that tend to gather water after it rains. Areas with higher groundwater levels are likely to allow more moisture to come up through the concrete and add to condensation inside the building. 


Proper ventilation can play an important role in reducing humidity levels inside your building. Consider strategically adding doors and windows to your custom-building design. When convenient, create airflow by leaving doors or windows open allowing the humid air to escape.

Following these recommendations should limit the condensation build up inside your building and result in a cleaner, drier interior for your vehicles and possessions.

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