Do I need a lift for my metal building installation?

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Knowing whether you’ll need a lift to help with the process is essential if you plan to install a metal building. Providing the appropriate equipment for a safe, proper installation should be as important to you as it is to us. Here’s how to determine if you’ll need a lift for the a building installation.

What are the determining factors?

The main factors to consider are the width and height of your building.

What size buildings don’t require a lift?

Generally speaking, your installation will not require a lift if your building is less than 26 feet wide or less than 13 feet high.

Are there exceptions?

Yes. Any building 32 feet or wider will require a lift regardless of height.

Easy-to-follow lift infographic

The infographic below will help you visualize the process of determining if you need a lift.

Lift infographic

Why do those size buildings require a lift?

For several reasons. In some cases, the height of the legs on your metal building can make it possible for crews to set with a lift. Because installation crews use 12-foot ladders, a 13-foot leg height or taller makes it more difficult for them to get onto the roof and properly secure the building.

Some of our metal buildings can be quite large, and the trusses that support them are extremely heavy and challenging for crews to handle. Having a lift, or sometimes even a crane, allows them to ensure the trusses are correct and secured.

Who is responsible for renting the lift?

Many other companies will make you, the customer, responsible for finding and scheduling the lift or crane yourself. We at Northedge Steel want to make your installation as smooth and straightforward as possible. During your initial ordering or scheduling consultation, one of our building professionals will help determine the need for a lift and any associated fees.

Do you need a lift?

If you need help determining whether you need a lift for your metal building installation, it’s best to consult with one of our building professionals. We will assess your situation and advise you on ensuring a safe and successful installation.

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